Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

What more can I say? She is my perfect little angel. :) This was taken on 6/10/08.

A great photo from a few weeks ago: Cambry enjoying one of her favorite meals... "Newies." Also know as noodles. She picked up the eating with your hands technique from our Indian friends. lol.

Having a blast with Uncle Matt in Grand Forks over Memorial weekend.

The after nap space cadet.

Grandma Chris's 69th Birthday! We had a special cake and it was delicious. We all had a great time out that morning. Some of us even had blue poos in the morning to remind us of the fun we had.

Cambry is nearly potty trained now, sassy as ever and full of interesting things to say. She almost mastered the english language and can repeat everything you say - for better or for worse. :) Some of my favorite words and phrases (mostly because they do not come out quite right): "Tamry Hoo tups." (Translation: Cambry has hickups.) "I-noosy-ous" (Translation: Rhinocerous) Oh, and the 6:30AM request to Papa Joe to watch "Baseyball" is always classic.

We will be back later with more Toddler Talk.

For now, we have HUGE news! Well okay, you already know we are pregnant. The update is that all is well with our growing baby BOY! "Definately a boy," to quote the ultrasound tech. A laid back, stubborn, totally health, and cute baby boy. I named our first child, so Joe has announced that he will be naming the second child. Boston Michael Gerardi will be his name. (No final decisions until we sign the birth certificate.) We are anxiously awaiting his arrival. He will arrive sometime in October. Check out the great photos below.

Thanks for checking in with us. We are truely blessed and excited to share with you. Have a great weekend! Take care. Oh, and I will post a belly bump picture later. (I am still at the ackwardly fat, uncertain if I look pregnant stage. :) )

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