Monday, July 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces - "At the Beach"

It has been quite awhile since I posted a photo for an I Faces photo challenge. Being the theme is week is "At the Beach," and I love the beach, I had to make sure an submit a photo. I have many, many photos from our most recent trip to the beach, however had not edited any of them. So, here is the next best thing!

So you haven't been to the beach this year? Or ever? Why not live vicariously through all the photo submissions at I Faces. Enjoy!

Boston is 9 months! (Again, 2 weeks ago)

At his 9 month well check, Boston was 22lbs 14oz. and right at 30" tall. (Cambry was three pounds and one inch less.)

At Nine Months:
  • No more pacifier!
  • His top two teeth are starting to show, and he is working on two others.
  • He loves all the sounds his hands can make on different surfaces.

  • He loves to talk to, and attempt to eat, the "bay-be" in the mirror.
  • He finds being upside down thrilling.
  • He is terrified of the vacuum.
  • He enjoys feeding himself.

  • He finds hic-cups to be hilarious!
  • He is quite the comedian. He pulls on Papa's leg and chest hairs and then laughs. (among other things)
  • Enjoys playing with Cambry most of all. He follows her everywhere, imitating her along the way. When she screams, he screams. When she laughs, he laughs. Their favorite game is to be pirates sailing on the ocean in the beanbag boat. He watches for her ques...she shrieks as the sea creature attacks the boat...just a moment later, in a sort of grumbly low voice, he yells "Ah!" So cute!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Funnies -
Go Ahead, Smile Out Loud

Can you believe it has been 23 days since I last posted on my blog? This is so unlike me. :D I have been pondering for three days now where I should even start. For now, I do a little Friday Funny and follow up with many, many updates and photos tonight and tomorrow.

Because it doesn't matter.

On a serious note: Why is it that women, strangers, particularly over the age of 30, find it necessary to point out that your child has their shoes on the "wrong" feet or that your child has their pants on the "wrong" way - as if it is a reflection of your parenting skills or lack there of? Because it's not the way you do it, is it wrong? As parents we hear enough whining, if the child were uncomfortable, clearly we would hear about it. Alright, I'm stepping off the soapbox.

Cam insists on doing everything herself...she is proud, regardless of the outcome. The other day when told that her Mommy takes care of her, she quickly interrupted saying, "No, I take care of myself." Of course she does. :)

Spending time with other children is an essential part of childhood. In doing this, we inevitably see what other children get away with and come right home to test our own parents. This was the case with Cambry during the first half of this week. She was displaying some rotten behaviors. Our trip to Target on Wednesday was a nightmare! A giant episode ended with her barreling (playfully yelling too) down the isle knocking down what seemed like 100 of these 'summer items.' I am uncertain as to how my body or face reacted. The only thing I could say, very seriously, was "Get in the cart." I finished my shopping and planned to talk about the issues in the car. As I was backing out of our parking space, she called to me. I answered, of course, and she said, "Thanks for not giving me a spanking...I know I needed it." Yes, you can laugh. I am not a perfect parent, and yes, she has had a spanking before - maybe twice - once for sure. It was not one of my prouder moments either. I just thought the self evaluation she made was hilarious.

Cambry has a new thing (for 3 - 4 months now) where if you don't know what she said, she will give you an example. She used to just repeat the word, enunciating more each time. For example, this past week she was asking a friend of my if she could type on her "Cunum-puter." My friend asked her to repeat the word. " know, like Cunum." Oh, yes, we get it now. ;) Sometimes her examples don't make sense. So this week she was asking me for some type of cracker. Over the babies playing, I was not able to hear her. "Cream-cracker, you know, like the cream you put on your butt." I thought I did a pretty good job of keeping my post pregnancy needs to myself - guess not. Thankfully, I later found out she was referring to the cream we put on Boston's butt. Graham cracker is what she actually wanted.

My it feels good to have actually completed a blog post! Thanks for the therapy. :) Until later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boston is 8mos (two weeks ago)

(So the list of blog posts has taken the back burner lately - more on that later.)

My little guy started pulling himself up to stand just before we went Omaha in June (about 7 1/2 months). It all started one morning when I went to get him up and he was standing up in his crib - beaming of course.
By the time we were headed back home, he had it mastered - pulling up on anything that would provide even slight stability.
He has two teeth on the bottom now, and is not afraid to bite for comfort. He is doing well with his words too. He uses Ma-ma and Pa-pa to call for us. He also says 'Bay-be' when we talk about him or play in the mirror.
My boy is busy as ever now that he can get where he wants to go. Our church group used to ask "Where's Busy?" when I didn't bring Cambry along. I agreed with them until I had to chase Boston the last month. Wow! He won't even sit still on my lap to eat - too much to see and do out there. :D He loves to be with Cambry every chance he gets. It's bitter sweet to think of him running after her - soon my little bear, soon.