Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We had such a blast tonight!

How sweet is this little guy?

Tonight we were supposed to be out running to the grocery store, the post office, Target, and Kinko's. Well, on a whim, we decided to drop by the mall and play in the play land instead. This was the best, and biggest, mall play land I have ever been to. (Check out the look on Cambry's face when we got there - below.) We had a total blast. We played for about an hour and a half. After we got home, I couldn't help but think about going back to work (I have an interview Thursday, by the way.) I of course have the normal anxieties, but not being there is what breaks me the most. I love to just drink up all the little moments everyday - the shrieks, the giggles, the cries, and the hugs. I love to capture everything on the cameras. Today Cambry comes to me, "Here Mommy," she said as she placed a little something in my hand. "It's my toe-jam," she said. I laughed SO hard. I am going to be devastated to drop my children off everyday. I know how important it is for Cambry to go to school and have social interaction. I just wish I didn't have to send them all day everyday. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be the parent who spends a couple hours a day at most with their children while someone else spends as many as ten hours a day with them. I know people all around the world do this everyday; I just didn't want it to be me. The most wonderful, treasured gift I have even been given, was the ability to be at home with my little ones everyday. (Thanks Joe Baby!) Check out some more photos of our fun today below.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Avoiding Cleaning

Boston has pooped the last three days in a row - without milk of mag. Don't you feel relieved? I know I do. :)

Cambry is finally feeling a little better today. You will proud to know that I have successfully taught her to wipe her nose on a tissue (not as simple as one might assume). She actually prefers a cool, moist wipe, but hey, a hanky can take many forms. She carries her wipes stuffed in her pocket. She brings them out about 3 or 4 times a minute to wipe the snot from underneath her nose, over to the side of her cheek. lol. (Such a critic I am today.) Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure today. You will have to check out our 365 blog for the best photo and the whole story.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These Houston Loons Wear T-Shirts

Today we went to the Flemings at River Oaks (an area of Houston) to visit. All three of us bounced in wearing t-shirts. Everyone laughed as many of them wore coats to work today. The woman directing traffic through the construction, outside the restaurant, was every wearing a scarf. It was 65ish today. It's all about prespective I guess.

Drab, more pictures with mom.

Hey, as long as I'm held, I'll do anything.

I have never followed politics until this year; Joe got me interested. We followed the campaign almost all year long. I even voted! Barak Obama is such as inspiration. He has ignited a fire in the hearts of Americans and people everywhere. "Yes We Can." (Check out another version of this photo at our P365 blog. I think I like that picture better.)
**Today's photo has been brough to you by the custom timer setting on my camera.
Despite our rather rough day, I wanted to share with you a little list of things I love about Houston so far: (in no particular order)
  1. The wind blows a different direction each day.
  2. Partly cloudy = one small fluffy cloud surrounded by the brightest blue sky you have ever seen.
  3. Cold = 60 degrees
  4. Trash day is twice a week.
  5. Freeway is 8 lanes traveling in one direction.
  6. An air conditioning unit for each level of your home is a standard building practice.
  7. Palms adorn almost every landscape.
  8. The U turn lane. (The lane to the left of the left turn lane - love it!)
  9. Texas pride and American pride, the Texas flag hangs next to the American flag at almost every business.

Today is the Day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Captured - Moments in Time

Just one more quick announcement to let you know to check out our new blog soon. We will of course still continue to update this blog with our adventures and stories. The new blog will be my place to archive my Project 365 - one photo a day for 365 days. I am spent for today, but you can check the blog tomorrow for the first several pix I have been storing and from then on out, I will attempt to post daily. Good night all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spectacular Sunday

We spent a good part of today outside. It was 75 degrees today with a comforting breeze. We live just about 1 block from a little private airport and flying school. Although the runway seems busy most days, the weekends provide almost constant eye-catching fun. So today we parked just outside of the gate, opened the sun roof, and took in the sights. Below is a picture of the 'best' plane of the day. If I had to guess why, it would be becuase it was the loudest. She wouldn't give me a reason, she just assured me it was the best.

After our fun at the airport, we headed to the park just behind Papa Joe's new restaurant. We had an awesome time!

Okay, so I know the hair is getting out of control. I am trying to grow it out, bear with me. :)

Here is Boston Boy napping in his second favorite place (first being mom's side of the bed), wedged between the couch cushion and the couch pillow. I pulled the blanket down off of his face for the picture. It took all of three seconds for him to wake up and put it back. Ahhh, it's so fun to watch them develop all their little idiosyncrasies.

We were all having a Spectacular Sunday until Cambry went from being just a little sick to being down right miserable after waking from her nap. (See photo below) Before bed she said, "I need to go the hotel and sleep with Papa. That will help me so I don't be sick anymore." Hang in there kiddo, only 14 more days till Papa gets home. :(

This Lady

Where to even begin with this lady? She is a riot lately. The other day, she and I were playing in the gameroom upstairs. I can't at all remember how it started, but we got to laughing so hard that we both had the hic-ups before it was all said and done. Here are a couple pictures from the fun.

"We're going to IKEA. Toys are there; playground is there; food is there; everthing is at IKEA." Including a yellow slug bug parked right out front. She actually requested the photo this time.

Amidst all of our errands the other day, we were stuck waiting at the car dealership for about 45 minutes while the oil was changed in the car. Cambry was quiet and content watching her Backyardigans on the DVD player and Boston was napping. I was reading a local magazine. I looked up just in time to see her walk away from her DVD over to the man sitting a couple of chairs down. She stood in front of him and did her little happy prance, arms waiving and excited face in full display. She stopped just for a moment to comment "You have a big tummy," to the man. Stunned...nope, shocked...nope, embarassed...totally. It took all I had not to laugh, not because he truely was overweight, but because her innocence is hilarious. I couldn't bring myself to say anything to the man so I just called for her to come quick and see what I had on the page in my magazine. She looked with me for a few moments, and then looked up at me. As if nothing was wrong, she said to me "But Mommy, he does have a really big tummy." I decided my best parent option would be to not drawn any attention to this, so we didn't talk about it later.

This is Cambry's best friend Pablo, Pablo Backyardigan. He goes everywhere with Cambry. Above he is joining Cambry for a 'cheese monster' (cheese quesadilla) at one of our favorite haunts, Chipotle. Below he is riding the bus at Babies R Us with Cambry. She explained to me how he had been good on the errands too, so he had also earned a ride on the bus. She even tried to coax Grandma Cindy into talking to him on the phone; she didn't bite.

Today, after taking a shower, I came out to check on her and her toys. I noticed she was eating cheese and I asked her where she got it. "You were taking a shower, and I was hungry," she said. "I had to go downstairs and open the fridge, then open the nother door and get a snackie. I had to do it myself, that's because you were taking a shower." Okay then, I can hardly wait until she helps herself to the gallon of oj. :)

My Boy Boston

My focus today was to get my blog posts done and start my two new blogs (more on that later). I managed to make it half way through the project before my less than high speed internet connection started getting under my skill. Oh well, a luxery to look forward to once I start working again. Now for news on my cowboy in the making.
My little man loves attention; just hold him and talk to him all day and he is super. Is that too much to ask? He is now being feed formula exclusively. I never imagined I would stop breast feeding my child at 3 months of age, especially not after I fed Cambry for more than 15 months. I really didn't have any choice. Despite all my efforts, I just plain quit producing milk. Poor little guy. He doesn't seem to mind the formula at all; in fact, he spits up less on formula than he did on BM. Apparently the rule of thumb is 2 - 3 oz. of formula for every lb. the baby weighs, not to exceed 32 oz. per day. So I am supposed to feed him atleast 28 oz. of forumla!?! Yes, the little man weighs in at 14lbs. even right now - almost double his birth weight. Oh, and Grandma, I've past the two foot mark now; I'm 25+" tall. :)

"I have quit sucking my thumb, thank goodness (still have my pacifier). I am teething now though, so chewing my fist from time to time is comforting. My latest trick, to keep my mom on edge, is not to have a bowel for as many as seven days at a time. Oh yes, I take the milk of mag, the prune juice, the water, and the warm baths - they don't help. Like clock work she starts to sweat about the third day; and by day five she is calling the doctor (again). When I finally do land the package, she gloves up, tosses the clothes in the trash, hoses me down, then showers me with praise. She really thinks poop is exciting! Hey, if we don't think they are wierd, they must be doing something wrong. Next time you call Mom or Cambry on the phone, make sure you ask to talk to me too. I love talking on the phone even more than Cambry does."

Video Fun

Silly Baby!

Cambry's version of 'Bug Girl'

Flemings Town and Country

Papa Joe is in Austin for 17+ days helping with their new restaurant opening. Cambry made it two whole days before she had her first breakdown. She misses him so much when he is gone; I am so proud of her. She affectionately refers to him as 'Kiss Monster.' :( It breaks me heart when she gets so upset.
After he left, the kids and I decided to drive to the site of his new restaurant. Here is the website link to the business area in which the restaurant will be located. This new development is still in the very early construction stages. It does back right up to an exhisting outdoor shopping center - Town and Country. Town and Country just happens to house all some of our favorites - all the Gaps, Pottery Barn, Wolf Camera, and this yummy Mexican restaurant, Escalante. The neighborhood right behind the development is ritzy; Flemings has such a nack for steaking out (no pun intended) the neighborhoods and building a restaurant within walking distance. Check out these photos.

Hitting the Road

I am FINALLY back online. Yes, it's detrimental for this cyber addict to be offline for so long. (*sigh*) I don't know how I ever got through it. :) So here I sit, upstairs in our new home, at the card table which will hold the computer for the time being, summer breeze blowing through the open window, and the kiddos peacefully napping. Yes, you heard it, summer breeze. Well summer by my standards - 70+ degrees, bright blue skies, and the smell of BBQ in the air. I know, I know, I will complain once Houston's other season 'Broiler' hits. For now, I am in heaven. Actually, the entire experience has been wonderful so far. I absolutely love it here!

There is so much to say, so much to fill you in on. Where is a lady to start? How about a photo of my cutie baby to start? He is loads of fun, three months old now. His favorite things include napping with the mom, talking with the dad, and laughing, laughing, laughing. He laughs all the time. "Laugh for now aparent reason - people will wonder what you are up to." That's for sure. Once he gets going, he can laugh for minutes on end.

Friday the 2nd, we had a great night out with friends. So great, we actually didn't get a thing done on Saturday other than go to Joe's mom's for a bit to visit with Gina and Kurt. That day Omaha had an awful ice storm; it took us nearly an hour to travel 3 miles home. Good thing we declined the movers offer to load us early.

Monday morning, the 5th, the Allied semi arrived bright and early to load the house. "Holy Smokes," Cambry shreeked as the truck pulled up. This is a photo of she and Papa Joe outside watching them load - excited face and all.

I think we took up an entire 1/3 or the truck, that's hardly anyspace right, no need to declutter. We live by the little mantra. 'The definition of clutter is anything you don't love, don't use and don't need!' Turns out everything we use, need, and love weighs a whapping 11,000lbs. Nido.

The guys even let Cambry's up into the cab to blow the horn before they took off. She loved it!

After they finished loading, we spent our last night in Omaha cleaning our house and going out to dinner at Bonefish. We had to make one last trip because Texas doesn't have Bonefish - bummer. Tuesday morning we stopped by Grandma Chris's work and then hit the road. The kids were wonderful; the trip was flawless. Thanks of course to the Backyardigans and the trusty portable DVD player.

We spent that night in "Welcome Home" City as Cambry called it. (Oklahoma City)

By Wednesday we had made it to Texas. This is a photo from a gas station just outside of Dallas. Just two of the things I love about Texas: palm trees (next to pine trees even), and Texas pride (the flag flies everywhere).

We made it! Here is a snap shot of our new house. "Our new house is GREAT!" Cambry says. We all agree, and it's 600 square feet larger than our Omaha house. Come on down when ever you like - we'd love to have you!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a blast last night at the Children's "Biz-am's" First Night of Play.

This one is Cambry dancing at the dance party. What is better than a dance party? Nothing when you are two.

Well nothing except for a dance party with hats and noise makers! We didn't take the party hat off for hours after the event was over.

Mommy was carrying Boston in the baby Bjorn so there are no pictures of him a the party. Here is a cute one from the other day though. So strong he is.

And a little video clip to wish you all the best as you journey into 2009.

Smile!...You're on Cambry's Camera

Not bad for 2 going on 12. :) She is just like Mommy - pulls the camera out at random, takes hundreds of shots, requests many retakes, then disappears to view her masterpieces in privacy. LOL! Gotta love the girl.