Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Lady

Where to even begin with this lady? She is a riot lately. The other day, she and I were playing in the gameroom upstairs. I can't at all remember how it started, but we got to laughing so hard that we both had the hic-ups before it was all said and done. Here are a couple pictures from the fun.

"We're going to IKEA. Toys are there; playground is there; food is there; everthing is at IKEA." Including a yellow slug bug parked right out front. She actually requested the photo this time.

Amidst all of our errands the other day, we were stuck waiting at the car dealership for about 45 minutes while the oil was changed in the car. Cambry was quiet and content watching her Backyardigans on the DVD player and Boston was napping. I was reading a local magazine. I looked up just in time to see her walk away from her DVD over to the man sitting a couple of chairs down. She stood in front of him and did her little happy prance, arms waiving and excited face in full display. She stopped just for a moment to comment "You have a big tummy," to the man. Stunned...nope, shocked...nope, embarassed...totally. It took all I had not to laugh, not because he truely was overweight, but because her innocence is hilarious. I couldn't bring myself to say anything to the man so I just called for her to come quick and see what I had on the page in my magazine. She looked with me for a few moments, and then looked up at me. As if nothing was wrong, she said to me "But Mommy, he does have a really big tummy." I decided my best parent option would be to not drawn any attention to this, so we didn't talk about it later.

This is Cambry's best friend Pablo, Pablo Backyardigan. He goes everywhere with Cambry. Above he is joining Cambry for a 'cheese monster' (cheese quesadilla) at one of our favorite haunts, Chipotle. Below he is riding the bus at Babies R Us with Cambry. She explained to me how he had been good on the errands too, so he had also earned a ride on the bus. She even tried to coax Grandma Cindy into talking to him on the phone; she didn't bite.

Today, after taking a shower, I came out to check on her and her toys. I noticed she was eating cheese and I asked her where she got it. "You were taking a shower, and I was hungry," she said. "I had to go downstairs and open the fridge, then open the nother door and get a snackie. I had to do it myself, that's because you were taking a shower." Okay then, I can hardly wait until she helps herself to the gallon of oj. :)

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