Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flemings Town and Country

Papa Joe is in Austin for 17+ days helping with their new restaurant opening. Cambry made it two whole days before she had her first breakdown. She misses him so much when he is gone; I am so proud of her. She affectionately refers to him as 'Kiss Monster.' :( It breaks me heart when she gets so upset.
After he left, the kids and I decided to drive to the site of his new restaurant. Here is the website link to the business area in which the restaurant will be located. This new development is still in the very early construction stages. It does back right up to an exhisting outdoor shopping center - Town and Country. Town and Country just happens to house all some of our favorites - all the Gaps, Pottery Barn, Wolf Camera, and this yummy Mexican restaurant, Escalante. The neighborhood right behind the development is ritzy; Flemings has such a nack for steaking out (no pun intended) the neighborhoods and building a restaurant within walking distance. Check out these photos.

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