Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Boy Boston

My focus today was to get my blog posts done and start my two new blogs (more on that later). I managed to make it half way through the project before my less than high speed internet connection started getting under my skill. Oh well, a luxery to look forward to once I start working again. Now for news on my cowboy in the making.
My little man loves attention; just hold him and talk to him all day and he is super. Is that too much to ask? He is now being feed formula exclusively. I never imagined I would stop breast feeding my child at 3 months of age, especially not after I fed Cambry for more than 15 months. I really didn't have any choice. Despite all my efforts, I just plain quit producing milk. Poor little guy. He doesn't seem to mind the formula at all; in fact, he spits up less on formula than he did on BM. Apparently the rule of thumb is 2 - 3 oz. of formula for every lb. the baby weighs, not to exceed 32 oz. per day. So I am supposed to feed him atleast 28 oz. of forumla!?! Yes, the little man weighs in at 14lbs. even right now - almost double his birth weight. Oh, and Grandma, I've past the two foot mark now; I'm 25+" tall. :)

"I have quit sucking my thumb, thank goodness (still have my pacifier). I am teething now though, so chewing my fist from time to time is comforting. My latest trick, to keep my mom on edge, is not to have a bowel for as many as seven days at a time. Oh yes, I take the milk of mag, the prune juice, the water, and the warm baths - they don't help. Like clock work she starts to sweat about the third day; and by day five she is calling the doctor (again). When I finally do land the package, she gloves up, tosses the clothes in the trash, hoses me down, then showers me with praise. She really thinks poop is exciting! Hey, if we don't think they are wierd, they must be doing something wrong. Next time you call Mom or Cambry on the phone, make sure you ask to talk to me too. I love talking on the phone even more than Cambry does."

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