Friday, September 18, 2009

Look Out World

(Photo courtesy of my friend, Courtney)
Do you even recognize this boy? Oh my goodness. My little guy is 11 months old now. He is super busy and super curious. His current favorites include climbing up onto the table, splashing in the toilet water, banging the computer mouse on the desk, tearing magazines, and emptying the drawers in his room. He loves to hide and does it often as a joke. He has quite the sense of humor. He loves to join in conversation with others; the delayed laugh he belts out (after everyone begins to laugh) is hilarious. He LOVES to play in the water and to sing. He likes to eat, of course, and is on all table food now. Although he enjoys most foods, he is very particular about what he wants to eat at each sitting. He is not afraid to 'send it back' if it is not up to standards.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holiday Happenings

While in Omaha, for Independence Day, we joined a family friend and her wonderful family for a holiday BBQ gathering. I might add that at this fabulous party I met a man who had taken some of the most incredible photos I have ever seen. He played a slide show for me that afternoon. Some of the other people at the party joined to view his work. I seemed impressed. I had to interrupt their comments to say, "I don't think you really understand. This man has captured things we would never see with the naked eye. We are not that focused as people." (For example, the reflection of the house in the water droplet on the blade of grass in the back yard.) This man brought such perspective to how intricate this universe really is. And...and...he let me touch his Canon 5D Mark II !! I got to shoot some with it too. Truth be told, as much as I have sought after my own SLR, I have never actually held one...until that day! The sound of the shutter is enough to stand are my arm hairs on end. :)

These pictures were not taken with the 5D, just with my point and shoot, but they were taken that day at the party.

358 Days

(Thanks in advance for the therapy *grin.*)
This is the number of days our house has been on the market now. It is actually being shown tonight, in about 30 minutes. We are beginning the rental process and will take that option soon to supplement the mortgage payment. It will not pay the mortgage but it will hopefully pay 2/3. Here is our listing. If you know anyone who is in the market for a new home, we would really appreciate the referral.

Over the 4th of July, the kids and I drove to Omaha again. Grandma Chris spent a lot of time with the kids while I did some work on the house. After working hard, I sat on the back porch one afternoon. We lived on the top of the hill so I was able to soak up the sun and look out over the entire neighborhood. Until I lived in that house, I always referred to 'home' as my parents' house. This house was home and so much more to me. Those walls held millions of memories from our new lives together. My new life with Joe and our new lives with both children. I was heartbroken, welling up with tears, as I sat there reflecting on backyard BBQs, sledding through the snow in the yard, late night card games, holidays, the children that came to play each day, and all the love, comfort and security of the life we lived there. How could someone not want a place I wanted so much? I know now it is not that people don't want 'my' house, they just don't want the house. And really, the market for homes outside of the 'first time home buyers range' in Omaha have not had any traffic in the current economy. I truly try to be optimist about the whole situation. The truth is, I feel lost. Lost is an anxiety filled, uncomfortable feeling for me. I wonder if we made the right choice to move, and if we should even be trying to sell the house. I find it difficult to be consistently faithful despite the long wait. I do understand that everything will work out and that this too shall pass...things always do. During the interlude, I am searching for strength and peace, and would appreciate your prayers and thoughts.

Although this is not the typical tone of our blog, I really do appreciate those of you who took the time to read about our struggle. I know so many have it so much worse and that we are very fortune and bountifully blessed in our lives.

Here are some pictures of a couple of things I was able to get done.

I Missed This Week

I missed this week at I ♥ Faces. This week participants were to post a "Contemplative" photo. I found this photo is my stack of 'photos to post on my blog.'

Gram Takes on the Heat

After we returned home from Omaha, my mom came down to Houston to visit. This time it was actually hot...yeah, like 110 hot. I had to return the Traverse that week, uhhhh - I'm over it now though. :) It was really, really nice to drive a brand new car for 8 weeks. This was a first for me. I have never had a brand new car. We spent the whole day detailing both cars and preparing for the return. Cambry was thrilled (as you can tell - see below) to have the 'lady bug' car back.

Or was it that she was thrilled to finally be let behind the steering wheel? Ironically, after I returned the Traverse, the A/C quit working in my Equinox, again. I am knocking on wood as we speak. Although my car has recently been dubbed the 'holy car,' yes literally. Every time something goes wrong with it, it is due to a hole in that particular part. However, we have been new hole free for 3 1/2 months. Yeah! My Mom was a trooper, didn't complain about the heat even once, even when we drove 30 minutes to church without A/C. We even spent the whole day one day down at Hermann Park. This was a great experience for all of us!

One of Cambry's favorite things to do with Gram is to have a popcorn tea party.

Thanks for coming Gram! We can't wait to have you in Houston again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

For Sale in Omaha...Still

When we were home in June we decided to spend a little money to 'stage' the house a bit; it had been sitting completely empty for 5+ months. We did not add any furniture, just some decorative pieces. We hoped this would bring some life to the property.

Omaha and Family in June

Omaha was a very nice break from the heat, among other things.

7 Decades Ago

Hewlett Packard was founded.
Tina Turner was born.
Frank Sinatra was discovered in a road side cafe.
World War II began.
You could buy a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stamp - all for 60 cents.
Gasoline was 19 cents / gallon
Grandma Chris was born! All four of us drove up to Omaha, all 1000 miles in one day, to spend time with our family and celebrate a bit. We spent the first couple days sneaking around, making sure the visitors arrived safely - the party and it's guests were all a surprise. The weekend was filled with nostalgia and laughter. Thanks to everyone who helped make the party such a special weekend for Chris, and all of us too! We had such a wonderful time with everyone.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

I really don't have an answer to justify the amount of time I have left my blog without any real, updated substance. Before I blinked last it was June 3rd and we were packing to head up to Omaha. I am not sure beginning this post (a post meant to tide you all over for another week) at midnight is the best idea either. (I have used the backspace key more than all the other combined. ahem) So let me just post a few pictures for now...keep in mind most of these are from about three months ago. Enjoy! Stay tuned, oh, and thanks for the nagging (nagging may be a little strong, let's go with persuasion.) :)

Visions of tokens, tickets, and pizza dance in her head.

Yes, that's pink eye. We all caught it, some of us twice. And then there was the Influenza B, the ear infections, strep throat, and sinus infections. That was a great couple of weeks. :)

After that, we spent some time just hanging around.

I think all children's movies are shown in 3-D now-a-days. 'UP' was our first family movie, and it still serves as many a reference point in our house.

Life requires bits of spunk.