Thursday, July 22, 2010

Body Painting Bash

During the week of Cambry's birthday, 2009, we had our play group over for some artful fun. Bare torsos, plenty of non-toxic ultra washable paint, and we were set for a super sensory experience.

This last picture is of an unexpected piece of art that form on the table in which the paint was set out.

Best Spongebob Party Ever!

It may not have been the best, but we thought it was! I think I put more hours into preparing for this birthday party than I did...well I can't think of a good analogy right now, but you get the point. I tend to get obsessive over all the details and go completely overboard with these types of things. Go Big or Go Home? I have just always had it on my heart that I wanted to make a really big deal of each and every birthday the kids have.

So, here are some photo highlights from the party.
Birthday Banner:
The Water Works, bounce house water slide:

Jellyfish Fields: (Way cooler in person, of course)
Party Favors:

The Spread:
Officially the BEST cake I have ever made, both taste and appearance:
The Moment that make it all worthwhile:

Catching Up

My summer bucket list includes 4 blog posts a month. (Feel the need to update our log book.) As I opened the folder titled 'blog' on my computer I stumbled upon 11 folders holding pix just waiting to be added to the blog. I will most some must shares and then try and bring us to present day, considering most of these are from a year ago.

Guess Who...

Cambry on her 1st Birthday...

and her 2nd Birthday...

and her 3rd.

Check back in a few weeks, she turns 4 then. lol.