Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Because I Won't Be Able to Much Longer...

The babies are growing up SO fast. Sometimes my only rationale for doing this is "because I won't be able to do them much longer." This is the same line of thinking that drove me to cut Cambry's hair myself. You may remember how short Cambry's hair was earlier this year when we moved to Texas. Check Here

This was her hair at the beginning of August.

I wanted to trim it before I took her 3 year photos, so away we went. She had a whole spa experience, complete with mani and pedi. :)

I started trimming just a tad. At one point she turned her head quickly and I cut several inches in one place. It ended up much shorter than I originally planned, but cute none-the-less.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Yes, it's quite sad that I haven't posted on my once daily blog in nearly two months now. It is even more sad that I am about to post about a trip that happened in July of this year. :) I should just catch you up with present day events, but hey, the pictures are cute - I have to share. (Well, really, I should be ironing my work jacket, not blogging. ahem.)

In July, we took our first annual "Mommy and Kiddo Road Trip" to Navarre Beach, FL. Three Moms, four kids, one mini van, and enough snacks to feed an army for a week - what more could we need? The trip was such a wonderful learning and bonding experience.

What I learned from 8 days on the road with a group of my favorite people:
1 - Silence, even for a moment, is always golden.
2 - I do not appreciate the way sand feels anywhere other than on my feet.
3 - Having first time experiences through the innocent eyes of an child, melts the heart like none other.
4 - It is wonderful to have a hug from your friends, even when you see them multiple times a day.
5 - Patience is even harder to come by than energy when I have the flu.
6 - Having friendships in which you can disagree yet not loose respect for one another, is priceless. (Love you ladies!)

Raymond's Grandma had us over to her house one day. She is an artist, and opened her studio for our budding artists to create. So fun.

After having the stomach flu for the first three days of the trip, I decided I needed a breadk, so we skipped the beach and headed to the splash pad.

Raymond's Grandpa took us out for the day on his boat! Awesome!

"Mom, there are still some refried beans on that spoon."

Boston LOVES the water, especially the salt water. He kept putting his face in a the smacking and licking his lips.

The was the sound side (above and below). The water was calmer there.

This photo I took just before sunset on the gulf side. Yes, the sand was really that white. :)