Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Because I Won't Be Able to Much Longer...

The babies are growing up SO fast. Sometimes my only rationale for doing this is "because I won't be able to do them much longer." This is the same line of thinking that drove me to cut Cambry's hair myself. You may remember how short Cambry's hair was earlier this year when we moved to Texas. Check Here

This was her hair at the beginning of August.

I wanted to trim it before I took her 3 year photos, so away we went. She had a whole spa experience, complete with mani and pedi. :)

I started trimming just a tad. At one point she turned her head quickly and I cut several inches in one place. It ended up much shorter than I originally planned, but cute none-the-less.


Sheri said...

Ooops! She turned!!! :D I love the finished style, though. Really suits her. :) I actually cut Leila's a couple months ago just to trim it up slightly. I could never do that with Ava since her hair grew so quickly, and she was too young to reliably sit while I cut it. She didn't have her first cut until she was 3yo and it was down to her butt.

mstewart said...

super cute!