Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holiday Happenings

While in Omaha, for Independence Day, we joined a family friend and her wonderful family for a holiday BBQ gathering. I might add that at this fabulous party I met a man who had taken some of the most incredible photos I have ever seen. He played a slide show for me that afternoon. Some of the other people at the party joined to view his work. I seemed impressed. I had to interrupt their comments to say, "I don't think you really understand. This man has captured things we would never see with the naked eye. We are not that focused as people." (For example, the reflection of the house in the water droplet on the blade of grass in the back yard.) This man brought such perspective to how intricate this universe really is. And...and...he let me touch his Canon 5D Mark II !! I got to shoot some with it too. Truth be told, as much as I have sought after my own SLR, I have never actually held one...until that day! The sound of the shutter is enough to stand are my arm hairs on end. :)

These pictures were not taken with the 5D, just with my point and shoot, but they were taken that day at the party.

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KristyC said...

Your pictures on this post are fabulous! I love the one of Cambry hanging on the fence post.