Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These Houston Loons Wear T-Shirts

Today we went to the Flemings at River Oaks (an area of Houston) to visit. All three of us bounced in wearing t-shirts. Everyone laughed as many of them wore coats to work today. The woman directing traffic through the construction, outside the restaurant, was every wearing a scarf. It was 65ish today. It's all about prespective I guess.

Drab, more pictures with mom.

Hey, as long as I'm held, I'll do anything.

I have never followed politics until this year; Joe got me interested. We followed the campaign almost all year long. I even voted! Barak Obama is such as inspiration. He has ignited a fire in the hearts of Americans and people everywhere. "Yes We Can." (Check out another version of this photo at our P365 blog. I think I like that picture better.)
**Today's photo has been brough to you by the custom timer setting on my camera.
Despite our rather rough day, I wanted to share with you a little list of things I love about Houston so far: (in no particular order)
  1. The wind blows a different direction each day.
  2. Partly cloudy = one small fluffy cloud surrounded by the brightest blue sky you have ever seen.
  3. Cold = 60 degrees
  4. Trash day is twice a week.
  5. Freeway is 8 lanes traveling in one direction.
  6. An air conditioning unit for each level of your home is a standard building practice.
  7. Palms adorn almost every landscape.
  8. The U turn lane. (The lane to the left of the left turn lane - love it!)
  9. Texas pride and American pride, the Texas flag hangs next to the American flag at almost every business.

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this mommy said...

what??? u-turn lanes aren't common place?