Monday, July 27, 2009

Boston is 9 months! (Again, 2 weeks ago)

At his 9 month well check, Boston was 22lbs 14oz. and right at 30" tall. (Cambry was three pounds and one inch less.)

At Nine Months:
  • No more pacifier!
  • His top two teeth are starting to show, and he is working on two others.
  • He loves all the sounds his hands can make on different surfaces.

  • He loves to talk to, and attempt to eat, the "bay-be" in the mirror.
  • He finds being upside down thrilling.
  • He is terrified of the vacuum.
  • He enjoys feeding himself.

  • He finds hic-cups to be hilarious!
  • He is quite the comedian. He pulls on Papa's leg and chest hairs and then laughs. (among other things)
  • Enjoys playing with Cambry most of all. He follows her everywhere, imitating her along the way. When she screams, he screams. When she laughs, he laughs. Their favorite game is to be pirates sailing on the ocean in the beanbag boat. He watches for her ques...she shrieks as the sea creature attacks the boat...just a moment later, in a sort of grumbly low voice, he yells "Ah!" So cute!

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