Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boston is 8mos (two weeks ago)

(So the list of blog posts has taken the back burner lately - more on that later.)

My little guy started pulling himself up to stand just before we went Omaha in June (about 7 1/2 months). It all started one morning when I went to get him up and he was standing up in his crib - beaming of course.
By the time we were headed back home, he had it mastered - pulling up on anything that would provide even slight stability.
He has two teeth on the bottom now, and is not afraid to bite for comfort. He is doing well with his words too. He uses Ma-ma and Pa-pa to call for us. He also says 'Bay-be' when we talk about him or play in the mirror.
My boy is busy as ever now that he can get where he wants to go. Our church group used to ask "Where's Busy?" when I didn't bring Cambry along. I agreed with them until I had to chase Boston the last month. Wow! He won't even sit still on my lap to eat - too much to see and do out there. :D He loves to be with Cambry every chance he gets. It's bitter sweet to think of him running after her - soon my little bear, soon.

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this mommy said...

I can't believe how big Boston is getting! We miss you guys!