Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Trip to Half Moon Bay

We took a few days in the middle of July to travel out to California to visit Joe's sister, Deb.
We had an amazing time. This was Cambry's first trip to the ocean. The weather was cool, making the water even colder, so we did not actually get into the water. No the less, we enjoyed our time by the water very much. The sounds and smells of the ocean are soooo soothing to us.

Here's a picture of Cambry in Sausalito. We took the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito one day. Cambry would tell you the best part of that trip (other than the boat ride) was when she and mom fed her snack to the birds. As you can tell, this was quite exciting.

Cambry loved every minute she spent with John. From the minute he came home, she was by his side - eating what he ate, and doing things just the way he did. He had this incredible calming effect on our typically wound up child. This was a whole new side of her for us to see. In the picture they are sharing a 10lb, "everything but the kitchen sink," pizza and a rootbeer. Now that we are back home, she pretend calls John often. "Hi John, this is Cambry. Cambry take an airplane to see Debbie and John in a few weeks." This is followed by a long silence. She will then say to me, "John's not home, he's at work. We'll call him later." (So sweet)

Aunt Deb's almost world famous garden.

Ohhh, one of my favorites. Wafting the food she just prepared with her Papa, the master chef. Sunday night in Half Moon Bay, Deb held a house party for us as well as her friends. Cambry and Papa Joe spent the day preparing food for the guests. I won't mention that Deb and John contributed to the cooking, this would take away from the Kitchen Masters. John and Joe went down to the bay and bought fresh fish of all kinds right off the boats. The meal as well as the presentation were stunning. (I of course expect nothing less from my man.) This picture is priceless to me. Cambry was so proud to be working in the kitchen with Papa Joe.

On the last night we were in town, we all went out to an elegant little place just off of the water. This is a picture of Cambry, displaying poise and dining etiquette, as she serves herself a slice of crayon. Not the first course the rest of us chose, but hey, the girl has taste.

Thanks for sharing our trip with us. I hope everyone is doing well. Drop us a line or give us a call when you have time. We would love to hear from you. Take care.

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