Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Boston has arrived!

Boston Micheal Gerardi was born on Saturday, Oct. 11th at 3:38AM. He was a healthy 7lbs 10oz, 19 1/2 inches long. It took just 40 weeks, less 3 days, to create our second miracle. He is beautiful! The labor was an incrible experience. I had a great time - yes seriously, lol. We are both tired, yet doing very well. Boston is quite a bit jaundice and is being treated at home over the next week. He looks just like a little pumpkin. The family jokes that at least he is in season. I worry, of course, but he should be an alert little guy in no time. I truely can not express the joy, fulfillment, love, and glory that comes with being a mother. I am truely blessed!

Cambry is very proud to be the "Big Sister." She is super sweet with him. She came to visit first thing Saturday morning. She was not in the room more than 2 minutes before she said "Okay, I am ready to take him home." She loves on him constantly. He is the first person she asks for in the morning and the last person she sees before bed. "Good Night Baby Boston Michael. Have sweet dreams," she says. She has learned that he can not share "Newies" (noodles) with her until he has teeth. She makes sure that everyone else is aware of this as well. She is excited to teach him all about life.

The light inside Papa Joe shines brighter when he looks at his son. He truely is a proud father - a super one at that. He is completely dedicated to his children and his family. It is such a beautiful thing. Like the comedian he is, when I say how cute the little guy is, Joe responds with "Yes, and he comes with big, deadly gas too." In case you have forgotten, the bowel smells of young children are quite incredible.


mstewart said...

Congratulations you guys!!
sweet blog.

Matt said...

That Austin is a beautiful baby, it's funny that in a few months you will be able moving close to the town he is named after, fun! Don't worry about the jaundice, apparently the only long term effects are a tendency to kiss the girls and make them cry and say things like "recess" when someone askes him what his favoirte subject in school is, one arm to grow slightly longer than the other and surprisingly a narrowing of the urethra. See you at the end of Oct/the beginning of Nov.

ND Looks said...

Angie - Congratulations on the new baby. Your family is beautiful. I was looking through some of your pictures and Cambry is just a doll, you must be so proud. Good luck with the new addition to your family and with the upcoming move down south.

mstewart said...

sorry about the above error, i meant boston