Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Brother Ties the Knot

I am so proud of my little brother. He has found such a beautiful love in his new wife Jessica. The wedding day was wonderful and the ceremony was perfect. Here are some great shots so you can share in the wedding bliss.
The bride and groom meet for the first time that day - Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008,

...The untiy candles are lit,

...And the rest is history.

Cambry was a dancing queen at the dance party. She loved every minute of it - and all the boys too. At the first sound of music she began dancing and continued for two straight hours. Mom and Dad however were not cool, she didn't want to dance with us. (Bummer - I was hoping for cute pictures.) Here she is showing off her stuff with Jessica's brother Jordan, and my brother Matt (who Cambry absolutely adores).

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