Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Wishes

Warm Holiday Wishes to all of you! The kids and I are headed back to North Dakota for a few days before Christmas. We wish good health, good company, and joy to everyone over the next few weeks.

Holiday Preparations

Annual Family Christmas Photo (taken by us)
Our next post will most likely be after we have made the big move to Texas. No, we are not ready yet. There is something time thrilling about sprinting to the finish line. (I like to think of it like that rather than procrastination. Procrastintion would be something I would say is a character flaw. *grin*) Our blog is titled "Our Journey to the Beach." As a couple, Joe and I have always dreamed of someday living right on the beach. We figured this would happen sometime after old age set in. However, if there were a great way to describe our family adventures and goals, it would be "Our Journey to the Beach." I had no idea that less than a year after starting the blog that Joe would be offered an awesome job less than two hours away from the Gulf. Funny how those things happen. :) Preparation has been a stuggle, and I know I haven't even experienced the half of it. On the other hand, our excitement grows each day and we know the best is yet to come. May you all have a mountain of blessing come your way this season too. Lots of love - Joe, Angie, Cambry, and Boston

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