Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Brings Normalcy

Papa Joe is back from his long trip to Austin, the new restaurant is coming along great, and he has already hired half his staff. This is a photo from the night he came home.

Boston rode in the stroller for the first time a the zoo a couple of weeks ago. The view is great from down there he says.

We play outside everyday, even if just for a bit. Most days we drive 20 or more minutes to the park. Two months ago there is not very much I would have driven that far for. It's all prespective I guess. If you are willing to drive a bit there are some really awesome parks in our area of Houston.

We started going to Mommy and Me gymnastics too. Cambry loves this! She tells me everyday how great school is. (She just goes Tues and Thur mornings for now.) I am not completely crazy about the place, but then again, my standards are way higher than most. I haven't found a job yet that either brings home more than what full-time childcare costs or has hours when Joe is not working. (He works morning till night most days.) And no, no offers on the house yet. We are still hopeful in all areas, knowing everything will work out somehow. We are all making lots of new friends; we feel at home here.

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