Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fun

It was 89 degrees in Houston today! We spent the day chasing horses. The Rodeo trail rides have been heading into town the last couple of days. We followed the paths, parked, and stood on the side of the road to wave. In particular we were looking for Daisy, Buckshot, and Grandma Sissy, two horses and their owner. Cam got to ride Daisy and Bucky yesterday when we accidentally bumped into the riders having a lunch break. Lots of the riders recognized us today; Cam was so proud. The kept calling out "Hey pretty cowgirl!" and commenting how they liked her boots. She is fascinated by the horses. I didn't think to take a video until the very end. None-the-less, here is a short clip of her dancing and waving. The next clip is of my Bubble Boy. He is quite the talker, and singer, lately. He has also found his feet. Thank goodness it is almost warm enough not to need those little sockies anymore. :)

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