Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Their Dad

I found my self digging deep for some creative juices this year. I didn't feel it appropriate for me to say "Hey Papa Joe, can I have some of the money we don't have to go and buy you a gift?" I am not great at gift giving anyway, because I feel that I need to give something meaningful or nothing at all. I eventually came up with what I thought was a wonderful idea and it would only cost me some time an a couple of dollars in change. The idea was to make a print similar to those motivational posters but have the photo be of Joe and the children. One print of Joe and Cam and one of he and Boston. (I was inspired by this post by Little Birdie Secrets.) The trouble is, I did not have a photo of Joe and Boston that matched what I wanted and, well, Papa Joe will take about one picture a week if you are done in less than 10 seconds. Now that he knows what I am up to, he assures me he will cooperate at his next available free moment, that is during peak outdoor lighting time. (So I will post Boston's poster in a couple of months. hehe.) For now, here is Cambry's - click on the image to enlarge it if you like.

For the inside of his card, I decided to interview Cambry about her Papa. Here is how it turned out:

What is something Papa always says to you? – He calls me his little girl.

What makes Papa happy? - When I give him a drawing.

What is Papa really good at? - Taking care of me

What is Papa not very good at? - Jumping

Where is Papa’s favorite place to go? - Work

What to you like most about Papa? - I like his shoulders, his back, and his hair.
(Shoulders and back because she like to climb on them...just a guess)

What does Papa do for a job? - Work.
What kind of work? - He makes food and drinks too.

What is Papa’s favorite color? - Black like his hair.

How tall is Papa? - He sure is a big man guy…isn’t he.

What is your favorite thing to do with Papa? - Play. Play horsey, play hide and seek. Those are Papa’s favorite games.

What is Papa’s favorite thing on TV? - Baseball, football, and golfball.

How old is Papa? – He’s older…same as me.

What is Papa’s favorite food? – Noodles

If Papa were a cartoon character, who would he be? - He would be Scooby and I would be Shaggy. We would jump right into the TV.

How to you know Papa loves you? - He makes it like *this* with his hand.
(He signs 'I Love You' to her.)

Happy Father's Day Papa Joe! I am so blessed to have you as my partner in our walk as parents. Thanks for all you do!

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