Monday, May 4, 2009


Today is Joe's Birthday! Happy Birthday to the man who makes our dreams possible, the man who stands behind me even when I'm wrong, the man who is our soft place to land and our unwavering support... To the man who does it all so that we don't have to, and to the best father these two little birds could have.

Today not only marks Joe's birthday, but also the very first 'date' Joe and I had. It was more like the first time we hung out for any significant amount of time. At the end of that day, spent with he and Michael, I knew we would share more days to come. I didn't know how many more, but I knew there would be more. :) To celebrate, and reminisce, Joe and I secured a babysitter (Yeah!) and we out to try a new Sushi place in Katy, Nikko. Before dining at a new restaurant, we always spend at least an hour researching and reading reviews. The meal was delightful, inexpensive (for sushi) and well crafted. The roll selection could have had a bit more diversity or creativity, but we will definitely be back. (Killer happy hour specials too, check it out.)

(I hardly recognize my self, but check out my handsome man.)

Joe's heart was heavy today remembering how he usually spends his birthday, with his best friend Michael who passed away a couple months back. We know the day was hard. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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