Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Mother-load is Overloading
Friday Frump...In Need of a Funny

I was definitely in the frump/slump today - the reoccurring slump that usually takes over sometime after Joe has been working tons, my house has fallen apart, we are out of everything, and I am behind on my entire life. Oh look at that, I'm even behind on the blog post - Friday Funny on a Saturday? So much into Saturday, that it is nearly Sunday. The slump took over today, and I did nothing other than tend to my children and pig out - even drank whole milk, oh how I love the creamy goodness of all that is whole milk. I always end up here - How in the h*%# did this happen? Ever had one of those days? It's been on replay all week for me. (I do realize this is not starting off all that funny.)

Time to snap out of it. A 'Friday Funny' post ought to lighten things up a bit, right? Trouble is I couldn't think of a funny from this week. I am sure there were plenty; I just couldn't manage to think of one. So off I went in search of something to post. Immediately after opening a file I have on my computer (for just such occasions); I knew exactly what I would post.

Keep in mind this is completely inappropriate. I will not apologize however, because it makes me laugh every time.

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