Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funnies -
Go Ahead, Smile Out Loud

In our lives, around every corner is a good laugh. Although these may not be our proudest moments, I am going to make a point to share with you each week. Why not spread the joy, right?

Here is a link to last weeks Funnies if you missed them.

I have been teaching Cambry about emotions, expressing emotion, and the faces that might accompany certain emotions. I want her to be comfortable with emotions and know that it is okay to feel any emotion. Last week, we were in the check out line after grocery shopping. When it was our turn, I had already loaded the belt and was holding Cambry on my hip. "Look Mommy, she's bored," Cambry said, referring to the cashier. LOL! Okay, I didn't really laugh out loud, but I wanted to.

I figured it was only a matter of time; it has finally happened. I was on the computer this week, when Cambry called out to me from the bathroom. "Mommy, the toilet is spitting up!." I ran to see, of course, by I already knew what had happened. You guessed it; she had officially put WAY too much toilet paper in the bowl and tried to flush.

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