Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funnies -
Go Ahead, Smile Out Loud

In our lives, around every corner is a good laugh. Although these may not be our proudest moments, I am going to make a point to share with you each week. Why not spread the joy, right?

Yesterday at Boston's 6 month check, Cambry decided that the doctor would need to look at the pea size bruise she had on her leg from falling the day before. She asked me permission to ask the doctor. After getting the doc's attention, she asked, "Can you please look at my boo-boo? I could stop whining to Mommy about it if you looked at it."
I have had this pair of unworn socks sitting on the ledge in our bedroom for sometime. When I went to go pick up my new running shoes, I attempted to return them. I explained to the woman that the package contained two left socks, rather than a right and a left. I wanted to know if I could exchange them, or by a package that had two right socks. She went to get the manager. It was then politely revealed to me that the "L" on the socks meant they were large, not left.

This week I was fixing Cambry's hair in the bathroom. She is a gassy child, but knows it is nothing to be ashamed of. During the entire time I was fixing her hair, she was audibly passing gas. I was nearly finished with the style when she looked up at me and said, "I can't even stand in here; you smell so much!" -LMBO-

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