Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Blink

"My sister calls me Boston Chatterbox and my Mom calls me Little Bear."

I can hardly believe Boston is already 6 months old. He is growing soooo quickly. At his 6 month well check today, he was 19lbs 12 1/2 oz and 27" long. (Sorry to those of you who I told 28".) Cambry was also 27" at 6mo, but weighed just 17lbs 2 oz.

Just like we did with Cam, we have begun signing with Boston. Although he has not yet produced a sign, he does look for them, and will put his hands on mine when I sign to him. He is completely crazy about his big sister; their special bond is growing everyday. Lately she tells him about all the things she will teach him when he gets bigger - including how to drive. (Yes, she is already asking when she can learn.) Boston loves it when Cambry helps to take care of him too. She brings a humor that I couldn't to every situation. "Mommy, I need a towel! He's dripping," she will say as he drools all over his toys. The three of us read stories together often. Boston is fascinated by books and stories; he bangs on the pages in excitement. Oh, and remember the monotone 'singing' Cambry does? Well Boston has picked up on too. Bedtime is often the noisiest time of the day around here. lol.

His bottom two teeth have erupted now. Thank goodness! They have been bothering him for some time. He has been doing pretty well with sitting on his own - starting just this week. But he still loves to stand and walk assisted. He is talker, just like his big sister. He favorite sounds are ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma.

Just to humor you, I will try to get a video of him 'crawling.' He has the legs down to a science; the arms, well they are just in the way. He pushes his head into the floor, arms flopping at the side, and crawls forward with his knees. Awesome!

Boston Boy loves to be loved. He soaks up attention from anyone who will give it. He has a laugh that could light up the world. Lately he enjoys singing to the radio with Cambry and Mommy. :P We love you silly boy!

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Sheri said...

Wow! What a big boy at 19lbs. Mine weren't that until 1yr. :P

Oh, and Violet just begain mimicking the sign for milk today when she was nursing. I am so excited. I started from birth with her, and it paid off with her starting to sign two months earlier than her sisters.