Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working Towards a Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is an entry many bloggers make each week by just posting a picture. I tend to be wordy; I will have to work towards that.

Houston doesn't mess around when it comes to weather! This photo is actually from last weeks rain storm. This is the park right across the street from our house. The photo was taken from inside the Traverse as I drove by. I was blown away by the amount of water. Turns out, when you are at sea level, you create parks to hold water. Being home to playgrounds and ball games is their second function.

This week, on Monday night, was the the first night ever (in my adult life) that I was woke up by a storm. Our area of the city received 4 inches of rain in an hour, and it kept on coming, accompanied by hail and severe thunderstorms. Roads and homes alike were flooded. Our home was fine. We were unable to leave for most of the day though. All the roads leading to the freeway were closed. Joe traveled 8+ miles out of his way to get to work Tuesday morning. The trip took him about an hour and a half.

So that was far from 'wordless.' Like I said, this will be a work in progress. teehee.

In other random ramblings...

We make a lot of dust. What is the deal with that?

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