Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Dye 40

Yes, it finally happened. With a two year old, and a home that is almost entirely carpet, the odds are against us. Although the lighting is different, and the carpet is still wet in the photo on the right, this is a accurate representation of the near miracle. I found a great tip online from chris_g, carpet cleaner.

Red Dye Removal (Kool-aid, gatorade, etc.)
-Make a solution of half ammonia, half water
-Preheat an iron
-Saturate the stain with the solution
-Soak a white rag with water until it is dripping wet
-Place the rag over the stain
-Place the iron over the rag (It will sizzle.)
-Hold the iron in position for 20-40 seconds. Make sure not to burn the carpet.
-Reposition to a clean place on the rag and repeat the ironing step if necessary
*This will also work on a stain that had dried in or been there for a long period of time.

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