Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Dose of Daily Irony

Today was day two of our mission to register the vehicle and obtain a TX driver's license. (#2 on the cons of moving list) It can't be that bad right? Maybe, if you are waiting in line by yourself and you brought your ipod along. :P I, on the other hand, had the children in tow. Let's just say it was an adventure. Did you know that you need to make four stops to accomplish this mission, meandering through the queue area maze in all but one place? What is the technical name for that maze they put up anyways?

Warning: Standing in line can cause extreme boredom, annoyance and even rage. (CNN) My daughter made it through each of those stages several times during our adventure. I am not sure why I expected anything less. hehe.

Here she is mission accomplished! I let her have the plates because when we finally did make it to the window at our last stop, and the lady handed over those metal rectangles, Cambry said, "Ughhh. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you." Right then and there I forgot all the trouble we had earlier in the day.

The other thing that totally made me laugh today happened in the parking lot of DPS - the driver's license division. Just as we were backing out of our parking space, Joe Schmo comes flying into the parking lot in his rundown astro van. By this time I have hit my breaks and am watching the in rear view as he has one hand on the wheel and is bent over looking for... I lay on the horn just in time to see him look up and hear his tires screech to a stop less than an inch behind my car (just guessing). I pulled forward to let Schmo by. And where did he pull his car into? The 'Park Here for Driving Test' lane. My guess is the testers already saw his display through the bay window out front and will just go ahead and mark him as fail right now. Thanks for that. lol.

Here are a couple more shot from the day. 1) Boston waiting in line all morning. I tell you, not much rattles this guy. 2) Boston during what should be nap time. 3) Cambry in the tea cup on the carousel ride at the mall. She was spinning so fast I was sick just watching.

Thanks for checking in with us. Until later - A

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