Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Grow Older Everyday, Why do You?

I do know the answer to the question, yet I still wonder why it goes by so fast. Boston has two teeth coming through (on the bottom); he is up on all fours, ready to crawl, and I think he made his first sign today. He had just finished dinner and was sitting next to me while I ate. He was going nuts every time I took a drink. So, I offered him some water out of the lid of my water bottle. He became quite upset with me. He then stuck out his arm and began to squeeze his hand - to say he wanted milk? I celebrated and praised at though it was a sign. I hope to see more soon for confirmation. If this is so, that would mean he is signing a whole month earlier than Cambry did. Yeah! Oh yes, and my favorite thing lately...he is over the moon about his daddy! (Video to come) (The frames below hold a picture of the children 6 months ago as well as a current picture.)

Y'all (Yes, I said it.) already know that Miss Cambry is over the moon about her Papa. :) Today I was helping her get dressed for the day. "Ohh, a dress, I'll be so pretty," she said.
Wednesday, after paying for lunch, I received about $2.45 in change. She asked me for the money. I gave her the coins. "Can I have the cash?" she asked. She continues to be a sponge for knowledge as well as the Princess of Literalness.
And then there was tonight, the reason why this whole post came to be. I was laying next to her bed, holding her hand before she went to bed. Ever since she was a baby, she holds hands by holding my pointer finger; I then wrap my hand around hers. Tonight, she shook out of this mold we have created, clasped my hand in the typical hand-holding position, and said, "Like this Mommy." There goes my baby.

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