Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Special Visitor

After running on Thursday night, my second run without the stroller, the kids and I headed to the airport to pick up my Mom. She was able to reroute her business trip return flight to join us for the weekend. The four of us got up early Friday morning to join my running group for another run. My Mom, opting to walk, graciously pushed the kids in the stroller. This was my first run off a track; it was wonderful. My running partner thought we were running about 11 minute pace. This is HUGE for me, especially considering the humidity and that it is only my second week or running. :) I am glad to have the next three days off from running, my legs need a rest. Running stadium stairs before Thursday night's run really put me over the edge. Later that day my wonderful Mom splurged on a BOB stroller for the kids and I. (This is my gift for many holidays to come, including my b-day.) Running with the Sit n' Stand has been torture, really. We took it out for its first spin Saturday morning. Perfect!

Want to WIN A BOB? Submit a video of your dancing baby and you could win.

We made our second trip to Build a Bear Friday; Cambry made a horse. She gets so excited about the whole process. She was an expert this time and made sure the lady knew what to do next. Saturday we had an early dinner at Joe's new restaurant and then headed to Lakewood Church to see Joel Osteen. I wasn't sure what to expect, but had a surprisingly moving experience.
Our Princess and Her Easter Hair

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