Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Madness - Tell Me More

Today was a HUGE day for me. I can not even put into words the amount of excitement that I felt today meeting with the contributors and creators of such a genius promotion - "Houston Mommy Madness." I could not contain the thrill behind it all, well it wasn't as though I tried either. If you're happy and you know it - show the world.

Being still quite unfamiliar with the Houston area, especially downtown, I set to leave the house more than one hour before the event began. Put the address into the GPS - fail. :) I ended up calling the organizers of the event, twice, for directions, and was the last to arrive. I chose my seat and was handed a packet and some paperwork along with a set of car keys. I began writing my name and glanced up for just a moment to look at the keys. My eye caught "Purp_" jotted on the tag. Without out thinking, I held up my keys and said, pointing to the tag, "Does this mean my car is purple!?!?!" (This most likely came out in a volume not at all appropriate for this business type meeting, but again, I couldn't contain it.) A PURPLE CAR! It really doesn't get any better than that.

Okay, let me digress for a minute to tell you how this all happened for me. Like any country girl, I am thrilled to be in Texas and immediately find the best country radio station and programmed it into my car. (Music of any kind is a necessity for me, but country will always have a special place in my heart.) One day while listening to the KILT I heard a ad for the Mommy Madness promotion. I immediately went online and submitted an application. A couple of weeks later, I went back to the site to see a notice that stated we should check back on April 20th to see the winners. I was a bit bummed to learn I wasn't selected. None the less, I went on with my day. Joe around noon to let me know that someone from CBS radio and Chevrolet had called the restaurant looking for me. Apparently, a woman with CBS Radio (Jeanie) was googling one day to see what sites were talking about or producing traffic about the event. Remember that post I made a while back about the Chevy Traverse and Mommy Madness?? Well, when she googled, my blog came up, as the first entry no less. The problem was, my application was not in their records (lost on the web somewhere?) so she had no way to contact me. Reading my blog, she read of the Flemings Town and Country opening and decided to call the restaurant and look for me. I called her and she offered me a place on the Mom Squad. AMAZING! Thanks Jeanie!!

So here we are, back around the board room table at CBS radio, joined by the creators of Mommy Madness, executives from GM, Chevrolet, CBS Radio and three totally rockin' Radio Personalities from their stations. Mix 96.5 - New Hot 95.7 - 650 AM - Sports Radio 610AM - KILT 100.3

Mommy Madness is an opportunity for five Mommy Bloggers to drive a brand new Chevy Traverse for 8 wks. In addition, we will be sent on "Mommy Missions" that tie into the madness of our lives and offer some fun opportunities for our families. We will make blog, picture, and video posts on our own blogs as well as the Mommy Madness Site several times through out each week. The site launches Monday, April 20th. Be sure to check it out and follow along. There will be incentives for you too. Check the site for how you can easily earn an hour massage at Massage Envy, and make sure you vote for your favorite Mommy to be entered to win a Girls Weekend Getaway (complete with spa services). *You can only vote one time. You will earn an extra vote for referring a friend.

The Mommy Madness promotion is currently running in three cities around the nation. Houston, Kansas City, and Dallas. The promotion will run from April 20th - June 14th.

Who is on the Houston Squad you say? We will make our debut on the Mommy Madness site on Monday the 20th. Until then, here are the Magnificent Mamas and their blogs.

1. Angie (that's me) - A Slice of Life
2. Valerie - Moms Living Fit
3. Christine - Christine Meeker Studios
4. Larami - The Alpha Team
5. Stephanie - Real.Life.Mom

Here we are thrilled to be just moments away from viewing our new cars.
(click to view larger)

Trying to contain ourselves as we listen to the walk through info.

And there is my dark cherry beauty parked in the drive at home.

A special thanks to CBS Radio and the Houston area Chevrolet Dealers for this truly unique opportunity!


Sheri said...

I L-O-V-E the purple!!! Can't wait to read your posts.

Laura L said...

It's no purple Delorian :) but it sure is gorgeous! The purple Delorian Matt was going to buy you when he became a basketball player is the first thing I thought of when I read this! What an amazing adventure you are going to have the next 8 weeks! (ps - I'm super jealous!)