Sunday, May 31, 2009

Katy Sunrise 5K

Last weekend was my first official 5K. I had some pretty tough leg trouble earlier in the week, and was afraid I wouldn't be able to run the entire race. Lots of ice, massaging, and 240 oz of water later...I finished the race! This is quite the accomplishment for me. I believe I was still in high school the last time I ran a mile, and never before had I ran 3 miles. I finished the 3.1 mile race in 37:43 - more than 2 minutes under my goal time. If I can work through these leg issues, I am going to commit to running the 1/2 marathon here in Houston, in January. Want to join me?


mstewart said...

props, angie. I wanna do a 5k myself, way to go, and nice sneaker pic on the blog.

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I miss you blog. You should keep it up, maybe about adventures after graduation?

EmilyBlanche said...

Nice job, ang! Running is tough! Good for you! L