Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life is Good...So Good

Boston can hardly wait until the day he can run around with the older children. It may be because he doesn't really have any baby friends, but I think he would want to be a part of the action regardless. At our usual library craft time today, the children were finger painting. A baby could do this, right? So long as he didn't eat it. He had been watching Cambry for a bit, and when it was his turn, he knew just what to do. We began rubbing his hands in the cold, gooey paint. He then looked up at me beaming. This was his proudest moment in all six months of life. He kept at it, looking up every so often to remind me how awesome it was.

After art time, we headed over to a friends house for water play and crafts. My little buddy was again thrilled to play with the big kids. They were splashing him in the face, and he didn't mind a bit. He was just glad to be a part.

Our day ended with an awesome 2.5 mile run (no walking, our furthest distance so far) and some time at the park. Life is good, so good!

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