Saturday, May 9, 2009

White Rules

Not- White Rules! But- The rules of wearing white. I am far from fashionista, and I don't follow trends. I did hear once, a while back, that you are not to wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Joke's on me. That is only for you Midwesterners who live in a place where there is most likely snow on the ground during the entire said mentioned 9 month spam. Wearing white, no one would see you after the north wind blew you into a snow drift. In Texas, you must wear white, all the time. Why you ask? Well that would be to spare yourself the embarrassment of wearing a green button up shirt to your friend's son's birthday party (held outside) and having glaringly obvious and grotesque sweat marks displayed in places you didn't even know a torso could sweat.

Great party, by the way, thanks Courtney!

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Rachelle said...

hahahaha, Angie, this is sooo funny!!! I have never even really thought about this at all, but I guess we all do wear white. Oh, and don't worry, you didn't look gross at all. We are all VERY used to sweat and are not really bothered by it. You ARE catching on fast though!