Friday, March 27, 2009

Add it to the Wish List

Ever since our horrible experience at a box store portrait studio for Cambry's one week photos, I have been interested in photography. Okay, so it really began as just an interest in taking cute photos of my children and saving money. Joe had bought me a digital camera earlier that year for my birthday. It wasn't until about a year later that I actually began to learn about my camera, its functions, etc. When I was pregnant with Boston, I really had my heart set on a new camera. My point and shoot was great, compact and went everywhere in my purse or pocket. However, I became quite interested in the more advanced functions and lens options of other cameras. My mom surprised me on my birthday last year with another point and shoot - an updated version of what I currently had. This point and shoot has slightly more megapixels, some extra functions, and a greater aperture range. I have learned even more about my camera and captured some great shoots with it. But now, more than ever, I am wishing we get to the point, financially, where I can purchase a Canon Rebel XSi. I have shopped cameras to death since I moved to Houston. This particular Canon has all of the functions I have come to love (and hundreds more), is compatible with all Canon lenses - plus others, is moderate in price range (for an amateur), and is something I could have and grow with for years and years to come. My trusty point and shoot would stay by my side too; you never know when you need a backup.

It's a dream anyways. :) Back to play with my point-and-shoot for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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Laura L said...

Ok, so I'm really bad at actually vising sites - I just read everyones posts through google reader. I love your new look and title!

This is on my wish list too. I found a site that had some pretty good package deals though. This one especially - I was reading reviews on lenses and this one had better reviews than what comes with the normal from the store package.