Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playdate in the Park

We are having such a great time with our new Mom's Group!! The keep the calendar full and offer things for the kids to do several times a week. Today we went for a St. Patty's Day Shamrock hunt and picnic lunch at a private little park in Cinco Ranch. The weather was beautiful (read HOT). The kids had a great time, and I always enjoy chatting with the other mothers. Remind me why I used to work. :) Yes, the kids are work, but we are always out having fun.

Too much to ask for all three of us to look at the camera. I am over asking for smiles, just look, please. This was another self timer shot.
What a stud!

My busy boy...I swear he will learn to sit up after he is crawling and walking. He either wants you to stand up him (this is how we spend most of the day) or he is on his belly trying to get his arms and legs underneath himself. And forget lying still, he has mastered the repeated roll. Cambry will be sitting over with her toys, and he will roll on over to be by her. Too cute. Oh, and he is on cereal now - thank goodness. He eats as though he had be fed solids all along, no learning curve here.

Cambry rode a scooter for the first time today at the park, again, no learning curve. She watched her new friend for a minute, asked for a turn, and scooted down the path with ease. Note to the Easter Bunny - Cambry wants a scooter. She has this awesome, really awesome trike that she rides. Kettler Kettrike Diva (only pink and purple) I still push her with the handle though, she can't quite get the peddles figured out. Maybe by three years old? Anyways, we have a great playdate planned at our house next week - A Bubble Blast, that she is looking forward too. Yesterday I walked by her talking to herself (really she was talking to her 'friends'). I asked her what she was talking about. "I was just talking to my friends about which party hat to wear at my bubble party." lol. She is the light in my life. :)

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