Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Legend, Icon, Cartoon Character Extraordinaire

Sunday we took a 58 mile trip to the Houston Space Center. (I didn't look at how far it was until after I promised we would go.) Sunday was the last day of their Spring Break Spectacular. They had the International High Dive Team doing a special show and then...what could have been the biggest event of our time here so far - a Spongebob and Patrick on stage special. We were able to get a great seat right in the front; it was great! The MC was asking the children questions and if they answered, he gave them a prize. Cambry picked up on this quickly and was waving her hand frantically in the air to answer questions. "Spring break, tell me what you love about it," he said just before he stuck the microphone in front of her. She paused for a bit and then yelled, "Spongebob" into the mic. She clutched her prize for the rest of the day. (It was a coloring sheet rolled up and secured with a rubber band. Hey, it was a prize.) After the show the children were allowed to line up to have a picture with the characters. I asked Cambry why she didn't look at Mommy for the pictures. "I didn't want a picture; I wanted to touch them and talk to them," she said. Here she is.
Before the show we spent some time walking around the Space Center. She informed me that it was not cool because the astronauts were pretend. Later, during the Spongebob show, a Storm Trooper came out on stage. "A real astronaut!" she screamed. She had to tell everyone how she had seen Spongebob, Patrick, and a real astronaut.
We went to a great inflatable place on Monday morning. They have pre-k play dates three times a week. She was running wild for two hours straight. We will definately be back.
Boston got to bounce too - sort of. He was laughing the whole time, lovin' it. Look at this big boy! Where has my baby gone?

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