Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sample of Saturday

In Houston, there are always several choices when it comes to how you want to spend you Saturday. (event wise) The top two picks this weekend were the Snow Festival and the Family Arts Festival. We decided, based on the weather patterns in Houston, we had better hit the Snow Festival first if we were to see any snow. Skipping over the was a bust. I should have known Houston could not pull of 10,000lbs for snow for an event. There was not a flake in site. We were bummed! Cam did get to ride on a miniature horse though. I talked to the horse's owner and found out her ranch offers riding lessons for children as young as two. Woot! I finally found a place. She would begin riding on a miniature horse and then move up to a pony when she was around 5 or 6. We will definitely be looking into this more.

The helicopter that was going to offer rides had other business to tend to. Again, bummer. They did let Cambry sit in it for a bit though. Exciting!
Then we headed down to the the Family Arts Festival. We spent several hours making different crafts and art projects. When it was all said and done, Cam had her first taste of cotton candy. Delicious!

Boston Boy loves a balloon about as much as Cambry does. Really he just loves to hold anything with a string. Here he is napping in the stroller, still clutching the string.

Stopping to take a break.

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