Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Has Sprung?

When did this happen? I was driving down town last week and the tulips were in full bloom...everywhere. Tulips are beautiful, but it got me thinking - after spring is summer (logically), I'M NOT READY FOR HOUSTON SUMMERS! I went straight home to devise my plan for remaining clam and comfortable in the heat. I drew out the floor plan of our home, labeling the air vents and then indicating where the fans need to go. If I have calculated correctly, 37 oscillating fans, give or take, running on med-high (high is just annoying) 24/7 should adequately cool at least the top floor of the home.

On a more serious note, Grand Forks is already taking the necessary precautious in the event that The Flood of '97 repeats itself. Record snow falls with more on the way. Please pray for a s-l-o-w thaw for these folks! (Remember showing up at school for the day just to be checked in and then to be bussed to homes or warehouses to sandbag all day? How's that for a story to tell the Grandkids?)

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