Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

As much as the children are different, they are so much the same. He feeds off her excitement and energy. She can hardly wait for him to wake up so she can snuggle him. I know I will treasure watching their relationship grow for years to come.
Friday night, Joe was able to get done a little earlier than normal (meaning he only had to work 14 1/2 hours that day). When he got home, I don't know who was more excited. Both of them were squealing, flailing, smothering, and getting all goofy. This went on for about 30 minutes, each of them competing to see who could catch more of his attention. I think at that moment, he felt paramount.

Check out this foodie in the making! It has always been my practice when feeding babies and children to give them a spoon to hold as well. It is supposed to help build them fine motor skills, increase hand-eye coordination, and give them a sense of involvement. The first time he held the spoon, it took him about two tries before he made it to his mouth. Now after 10 consecutive days eating rice cereal, he has the technique mastered - pretty amazing for five months. We will post the video of him cutting his steak dinner at his first birthday party later this year.

Today was a race to the finish all day. I absolutely had to get my taxes finished today. I worked every possible moment this morning and during naptime, entering expenses. I finished and scrambled to print at 3:35PM. I woke the kids from their naps, tossed them into the car, and raced to Fed Ex. Because I was literally racing, I drove right past it. I arrived at 4:03PM (last pickup is at 4PM). Luckily the Fed Ex driver plans his route around procrastinators like myself and hadn't picked up yet. Yes! And to add more madness to the day, I took the kids back to the Rodeo tonight myself. Two little ones and 100,000 people - those are just small bumps in the road. :) We had a great time again! When you sit in seats at a concert you won tickets to, you secretly feel like a celebrity, especially when you tried probably 300 times over the course of two weeks to win those tickets.

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