Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is there a correlation?

Is there a correlation between getting a flu shot and having the flu? I began to wonder this today after an adequate amount of time had passed and Joe did not catch the flu we had. (Knock on wood) You see, each of the four years of my life I have gotten a flu shot (against my preference but required for work), I had the flu. The two years Cambry has had a flu shot she, she had the flu. The one year Boston has had the flu shot, he had the flu. You get the point. Joe on the other hand doesn’t ever get a flu shot, yet he is once again, the one and only member of our family to not get the flu. More than a coincidence? I think not. The question is, do I use my family as test subjects to attempt to prove my theory? :) …more on this in years to come.

Also, is there a correlation between lack of sleep and number of ‘blonde moments’ that occur? (This is not something I have pondered deeply; I just thought I would share.) So I found a great little top to wear to the invite only dinner at Joe’s new restaurant (shhh, there was a pair of pants involved too). I needed a tall size, so I was forced to order online. By today, when my package had not yet arrived, I called to figure out who dared to mess up my ensemble. Turns out, I had express shipped the package to the Omaha address and it had been sitting there for two days. (PANIC!) Thankfully Joe’s sister was teaching in Omaha this week; she came to the rescue. She overnighted my top to me and saved the day! Thank you, thank you, thank you Deb!

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