Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Rather let the road trip I hope is all fun and games begin. :) The three of us left Wednesday afternoon for Omaha. Joe would be flying in on Friday morning.

To make it easy on everyone, my mom graciously gave us her hotel points so we could break up the drive a bit. We are in no position to be buying hotel rooms. Thanks Mom!

-- A call to say goodnight to Papa after we went for a swim in the outdoor pool at the Hilton in Oklahoma City. Still called "Welcome Home City" by my little lady. I think it is so cute that when she doesn't know a word, she just uses the next closest thing she does know. Yesterday we were reading about a kangaroo (new to her); he quickly became a jumping giraffe. Raymond's dog Scout was renamed Scallop, and then of course there is still my all time favorite, the Princess 'Sin-umbrella.'
The drive up was wonderful / flawless. The kids were better than one could ask. We had dinner and good conversation Thursday night with Grandma Chris.

Friday we sent the morning at Bounce U in Omaha. Boston can hardly wait to get up and chase after Cambry.

We picked up Papa Joe at the airport around noon and then stopped at his old Flemings for a surprise visit. To the left is a photo for the kids with Aunt Pat. They adore her; she was very sad to see us leave Omaha.

This is a group photo of the gang from the Flem. I decided I was best to cut me out; I was too close to the camera and looked funny.

Boston was thrilled to have Mommy in the back seat while Papa and Grandmas rode up front.

Grandma Chris took us to the favorite place (OCB) on Friday night. It is really not our favorite place, but it is Cambry's, and she eats well there too - for free. We have yet to find a replacement in Houston.

Friday night I went to see Satchel Grande with Matt; Joe met friends out.

Saturday was a 2+ hour drive for Michael's funeral. Here is a link to his obituary if you are interested.
He was a great man and a wonderful friend. We considered him a member of our family; he will be deeply missed.

After a quick visit, the three of us packed up to start heading home on Sunday. Here is Cam taking a ride to the car in Grandma's cart.

Thanks for taking such good care of us Grandma! Hope to see you again soon!

**Turns out I don't care for this new photo / text format and won't be using it again.

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