Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rodeo Houston

First let me say that Rodeo Houston, which spans three weeks every year, brings in $325 million in revenue for the city each year. I tell you what, I just want to be the gal to pocket the proceeds from the ferris wheel rides, even for part of one day. $6 a person...yes, $6 a person to enjoy 5 minutes on a 36 gondola wheel. Seriously? I told Cambry we weren't tall enough to ride. The Rodeo does however contribute a great deal of its proceeds to scholarship funds around the state.

Thursday was Joe's only half day through the course of the opening to be out of the restaurant. It was sort of like a half day off, except for the fact that his time was planned for him. We were fortunate enough to be invited to spend the afternoon and evening with the restaurant managers and training staff. Cambry loved everything about the scene. At the end of the day when asked what her favorite part was, she quickly chimed in, "Riding the airplane and pirate ship." We did watch about an hours worth of Rodeo competition as well. Amazing talent! The Steer Wrestling was my favorite. Enough chit chat, check out my lady lovin' the rides.

Zest is the secret to all beauty. - Christian Dior

She is a trill seeker. The roller coaster was her idea, not mine. Looks harmless right? Oh yeah, when we got to the top of the first drop, I thought for sure the whole thing was going to collapse. When did I start to worry so much? Two minutes after my first child was born I think. I suppose the added fear that comes with carnie rides is what makes it all so exciting.

"Papa Joe, what was your favorite part about the day?"
"Watching Mommy ride the slide with Cambry!" Again, the lady who is afraid of heights has to ride a slide twice as tall as the last one. (And for the record, I looked it up online, the slide at Bounce U was 26 feet high.) This five hump carnie slide was at least 40 feet tall - really. As we were trudging our way to the top, me clutching the railing with one hand and using my other hand to hold Cambry's hand, Cambry says, "Mommy, I think you are scared." I gasped (because I was holding my breath). :) I told her I was scared, but we were going to have so much fun riding down. We did, screaming all the way. Ahhh, the things we do for love.

"Dance with me Papa."

Boston Boy is a people watcher. He was completely content just to lounge in the stoller and watch the happenings. Now this is how you do it.

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